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Good Energy & Groovy Vibes 🤙🏽

My name is Jay Exxotica (aka Whisper) and I’m a Philly based pole dancer, pole workshop curator, and creative director. After falling in love with pole after just one class back in 2021, I’ve allowed pole dancing to take me on a journey I never saw coming.

✨ Arcana – 10/6/23 ✨

Come get spellbound by the Inversions Show 2nd annual ARCANA Featuring Tarot inspired polesque, ariels, and a variety of erotic arts. Catch us on Friday, October 6th and November 3rd at the sexy and intimate Velvet Whip Philly. 

*21+ | BYOB | Bring Tip$

@Inversions.Show on Instagram

Doors @ 8pm | Show @ 9pm

If you’ve been looking to start your pole journey or just want to give pole dancing a try, my Intro to Pole Workshops are perfect for you!

Join in on the vibes and learn about the fundamentals of pole dancing, while building your strength, exploring sensuality, and having a good time.

I’ll be announcing future workshops on my Instagram, so be sure to stay updated!

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I have no pole experience. Should I still come to a workshop?

Yes! No experience is required for the Intro to Pole Workshops. I’ll be guiding everyone through the basics, which will hopefully relieve any anxiety or uncertainty.

What if I have no upper body strength? Am I still going to be able to properly pole?

Still feel free to come to a workshop! The more you do pole dancing, the stronger you’ll become.

What kind of attire should I wear to the pole workshops?

I highly recommend you wear shorts and a tank top to ensure your contact points with the pole are exposed. The more clothing you wear, the more difficult it will be to stick/connect to the pole for certain moves and flows.

Why shouldn’t I put on lotion or body oils before a pole session?

Lotions, body oils, and other skin moisturizers can be a bit of a hazard. Moisturizers will makes your skin smooth and slippery, preventing your body from making proper contact with the pole.